To see your (your students’) progress in Science Class please sign into Powerschool. The Powerschool progress will be updated regularly. I highly recommend that students have access to Powerschool and that they regularly check it so they know their grade. If you need help accessing Powerschool please contact the Director of Technology- Maureen Sullivan- msullivan at hcsdk8.org (replacing the @ for the word) or follow the link and use the Crocker Staff Directory.

Below are some documents that detail all the grading information and explanation of the grading categories used with the 5 E Model.

5E Model Explanation
Late Work Submission Form
(Hillsbourgh Email Address Required to View)

6th Grade
Policy Sheet
Policy Sheet
6th Grade Art
Policy Sheet

Important Grade Information!

A few things to keep in mind; Zeros are given for missing assignments as a placeholder. That means being absent may result in a zero until the assignment is made up. Assignments that are turned in after the deadlines will be marked late in Powerschool, when this happens students will not necessarily receive feedback for their assignment, it may instead be exempted if attempted with honest efforts and no longer will impact the grade. Evaluations for 6th graders may be retaken, with their retake score capped at a maximum of 75%. Collaboration is very important in science class. Some assignments allow you to collaborate but you need to turn in your own work, if this is the case you can not turn in an identical answer someone you work with, and consequences will follow. In contrast, Group projects would never ask you to copy another students work as often they would require one file be submitted for the group.