How to use the calendar

Clicking on the event will expand the details of the calendar event. This is very important because this is where links to relevant files will be. The slides that are linked here outline what was covered in class that day. By reviewing these slides one can follow along with materials, assignments, and progress made each day.

The calendar is a great resource to look at past class slides for review, when absent, or to preview the day’s material.

If anything is missing or a link is broken, please email Mr. Bounds.

Absent? See below for information on how you can keep up with the class.


If you are absent please review the slide(s) that you were absent for before returning for our next class please at least look through all the materials before returning to class (I do not expect that you will have completed all the assignments, you may turn them in late but knowing what it is you missed will keep you from being lost in our next lesson). Remember late assignments don’t always get feedback and may just be exempted on completion so if you are able to follow along with our deadlines when absent please do. We don’t want you to follow behind so if you need help email me. I hope we can all stay healthy, but if you are sick stay home!